Friday, April 28, 2017

Save the Rogers Reserve - Episode 2 2017

The Charles & Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve consists of over 6 hectares of Remnant Dry Rainforest Vegetation, and is one of the last remaining examples of it's kind in the Highfields Region.  It is classed as an Endangered Ecosystem (Regional Ecosystem 12.5.6) under Queensland Legislation's National Vegetation Management Act and a Biodiversity "Area of Ecological Significance" on the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme.
Toowoomba Region Council have proposed a new Highfields Draft Cultural Master Plan, which treats with contempt, a generous bequest of land made by Charles & Motee Rogers almost 24 years ago.  We are not protesting plans for a new library or community space, but it is an environmental crime to encroach on a precious endangered ecosystem, iconic to our town, in any way for these plans.

An opportunity to respond, telling council that we would like the library, but not on the site of the precious reserve is not offered to us, hence the need for this petition.


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