Monday, July 4, 2016

Library Story Walk at Rogers Reserve

4 July 2016


The staff at Highfields Library organized a second walk for children and parents through the Charles & Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve today.  Sixteen children and their parents attended the guided tour, lead by Judi Gray from the Friends of Rogers Reserve Group.  Many interesting discoveries were made and despite it being winter, there was still plenty to see.  Children learnt about the history of the bushland reserve, the importance of tree hollows and what wildlife uses them, how to recognize signs of different noctural species, including bandicoots, echidnas, gliders and red-triangle slugs.  The children spotted plenty of interesting things themselves including some fungi, vines and different types of moss.

The walk concluded with Samantha from the Highfields Library inspiring the children to create artistic collages with leaves, rocks, flower and sticks found in the reserve, and they did a wonderful job using their creativity to create a variety of different designs and art.

Plenty of positive feedback from the walk was received from the children and parents, and hopefully everyone went away learning something new and had an enjoyable experience and a left with a new appreciation for the inner suburban bushland reserve in Highfields. 


Judi & Samantha with some of the children attending the walk through Charles & Motee Rogers Reserve

An Australian Magpie looks on at the walkers below.

Checking out a large tree hollow in the reserve.

The children loved seeing the huge tree hollow.

Looking in the large tree hollow.

Finding feathers on the forest floor.

Learning about the huge fallen tree within the reserve, thought to be hundreds of years old.

Learning about the native Fig Trees growing within the reserve.

These little brown fungi were discovered by one of the children on the walking track - a great find!

Some of the wattle in flower within the reserve

Miss Samantha, inspiring the children with ideas on how to create beautiful art from forest floor finds.

Leaf Art

There were some great creations made from leaves, rocks, branches etc.

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