Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Highfields Library- Family Discovery Walk Rogers Reserve

Tuesday 12th January 2016


Each school holidays, the Highfields Library staff host a variety of interactive children's programs and events. This year organiser, Wendy Ellem was inspired to organise a 'Family Discovery Walk' as part of the season's 'Lost Worlds Program' at the Library, and chose the close-by Charles & Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve as the location.

Judi Gray from the Friends of Rogers Reserve Group, conducted the 1.5km walk through the dry rainforest.  On the day the weather was very hot, and we had some last minute cancellations due to the heat, but despite this 16 people, parents and kids turned up to do the walk and learn more about the flora and fauna in our local area.  The attendees learnt about the history of the reserve and it's previous owners Charles & Motee Rogers and their vision for the bushland, they learnt about various native plants, including plenty in flower or with fruit, the importance of dead trees and hollows and were able to see plenty of butterflies and a few birds.

Thank you Highfields Library for organizing such a wonderful event, to all those who attended and asked questions, and to Kirra taking the photographs during the walk. 


Some of the people attending the Family Discovery Walk from the Highfields Library at Charles & Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve Highfields 12/01/16

Learning how to identify wildlife scratches on the gum trees

One large gum tree in the reserve

Appreciating the beauty it the orange fruits of the Tuckeroo Tree

Viewing pretty purple Dianella Berries

Family Discovery Walk

Big old hollow tree in the reserve

Viewing inside the large old hollow tree

One large dead tree with plenty of hollows for wildlife

Beautiful Ferns

Berries of the Native Tape Vine

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