Sunday, March 1, 2015

Clean Up Australia Day 2015 Highfields

Clean Up Australia 2015 at Charles & Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve at Highfields today was a great success. This event was the 2nd annual event organized for the Highfields area by the Friends of Rogers Reserve group. Thank you to everyone who got up early on their Sunday morning to come and and "Clean Up" our bushland reserve. It was wonderful to see the reduction in rubbish since the Friends of Rogers Reserve Group was formed 12 months ago (the group conducts rubbish pick-ups once a month on their meeting dates). Last year's clean up event saw 9 bags of rubbish removed, where as this year saw only 3. Some lantana and weed removal was also performed.  Recycling items including aluminum cans were sorted from mainstream rubbish and all disposed of at the local recycling and waste facility at Kleinton.