Friday, July 11, 2014

Proposal for 4 Lane Road Widening for O'Brien Rd Highfields.

The High Country News, Highfields has made mention of the recently discussed proposal for 4 lane road widening for O'Brien Road at Highfields in their newspaper article titled "Business hears of plans for future development"  reported by Miles Noller, published on 8th of July 2014. (see below).

The article mentions many future changes for Highfields that were discussed at a recent meeting of the Highfields and District Business Connections Group last week.

Specifically, the mentioning of the proposal to widen O'Brien Road at Highfields to four lanes to cope with the growth of the town and the planned town centre which will be located  close by.  This mention of the road widening proposal has stood out as an area of major concern for the fate of the Charles and Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve.  I have personally contacted Cr Bill Cahill regarding this newspaper article and asked for copies of the plans that were shown at the meeting, to which he attended. I have expressed that while I understood that the Toowoomba Regional Council needs to plan infrastructure to cope with the high-growth of the Highfields area, I believe that none of the last patch of remnant bushland in the centre of Highfields (Charles and Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve) should be sacrificed for such plans.

In High Country Herald Newspaper (18th March 2014 Edition), journalist Miles Noller confirmed plans for future road widening on O'Brien Road to four lanes for the future.  Based on the a news report the rumored road widening for O'Brien Road, Highfields to 4 lanes, (which would result in mass tree-clearing and land loss within the Charles and Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve), is something that was planned to occur within 10 years as advised by Mike Brady, General Manager Infrastructure Services Group, TRC. Read the 18th March 2014 Article Here...

I will update this post once I have received a response from Cr Cahill and further information about the mentioned road widening proposal.

Full Newspaper featuring this article can be viewed online here.

J Gray.

"Business hears of plans for future development"  reported by Miles Noller, published on 8th of July 2014.  Featuring mention of the proposal to widen O'Brien Road to 4 Lanes. See Highlighted Sections.

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