Friday, January 17, 2014

Juvenile Dollarbirds at Charles and Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve 17/01/2014

These beautiful Dollarbirds were seen this morning at the Charles and Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve at Highfields. The bird on the left is a juvenile Dollarbird and the one on the top right is an adult, showing that they have been breeding successfully in the reserve. In Australia, the Dollarbird inhabits open wooded areas, normally with mature, hollow-bearing trees suitable for nesting - of which there are plenty in the Rogers Reserve. The Dollarbird arrives in northern and eastern Australia in September each year to breed. In March or April the birds return to New Guinea and adjacent Islands to spend the winter! That is some distance to travel!! 

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A Juvenille Dollarbird on the left and a mature Dollarbird on the right.

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