Friday, June 20, 2014

Red and yellow fruits of the native Tape Vine

During a meeting for the Friends of Rogers Reserve, Barbara brought along a plant sample from her Highfields Property to be identified by Trish Gardner.  The plant was identified as Stephania japonica "Tape vine" which is a native to the local area.  Trish explained how this plant has a beautiful bunch of multi-coloured fruits after it flowers, but that they are only often seen on plants that have been established for some time.  After the meeting had concluded I went for a walk through the reserve and was delighted to see the very plant that Trish had described earlier that day in fruit.  The red and yellow fruit cluster stood out on the edge of the nature trail on the western side of the reserve and was easy to access to photograph.

Stephania japonica (Tape Vine) is a light climber with thin wiry stems  Leaves alternate and grow to 12cm. Clusters of small yellow flowers appear during spring to summer, followed by red and yellow fruits of 6mm.

The Stephania Japonica is a favourite plant of the Fruit Piercing Moth (Eudocima salaminia)  which feeds on it's leaves.

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Stephania japonica (Tape Vine) Charles and Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve, Highfields

Fruits of the Stephania japonica (Tape Vine) at Charles and Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve, Highfields 20/06/14

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